​We are active plantain farmers called River Rock Agro Farms Enterprise .Our plantain farm of 5 hectares  ( 2 years old ) along with a 13 hectares plantain farm (4 months old ) . we are active suppliers of fresh Green plantain direct from our farms and other farms around, we also purchase processed Garri  and move to cities in 25kg /50kg / 100kg bags , Bush snails  , red  oil to Lagos and Abuja Major Markets , we decided  cutting off  the  major markets was necessary with cartels monopolization of price within market floor and increment on price by cartel to consumers , we presently supply various local area markets once a week on a particular spot in satellite town in Lagos and along zuba market road Abuja  ,we are presently irrigating farm , we intend  processing plantain to plantain chips , plantain flour   in our community  before hauling out to Cities all around Nigeria .

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Founders Profile River Rock Agro Farms has been operating under a limited liability company called Ehimeka Nigeria limited ( facebook page - Ehimekafarm fresh supply ) as a 2nd director ,was found in 1995 by Mr Sam Ehimeka Aigbodion a father to the founder of River Rock Agro Farms- facebook Page – River Rock Agro Farms ( founded 2016 ) by Mr Ojehomon Aigbodion , a graduate of Moshood Abiola polytechnic Abeokuta Ogun State . He holds many business interests in various sectors, some of which includes agriculture, energy, technology and financial industry. Born into a vast family in the western part of Edo State , his Grandfather( Late Chief Bumuyi Aigbodion ) was responsible for the start up of communal farm in Owan west ,his passion for the progress of processing our produce such as Cocoa , Plantain ,Cassava and more , Gave birth to a vision with a passion for reviving farming and encourage processing ,Owan west has been known to be one of the greatest produces of Cocoa , cashew and plantain in the agricultural sector till date. Ojehomon Aigbodion is 34 years old Nigerian with 10 years experience in financial industry, entertainment industry, technology and mobile network industries. Haven completed an Enterprise Development course with the pan Atlantic University enterprise development Centre and Bank of industry , Ojehomon Aigbodion has begun to explore expanding his farm produce along with other farmers produce to processed finished products direct from his community .He is best described as a values driven, solution oriented and charismatic leader

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