River Rock Agro Farms is an organization designed to be at the forefront of organic plantain cultivation in Nigeria. We are currently located at No 2 new road Sabongida ora Owan west, Edo State which is a central and accessible location from our target markets. We are actively engaged in Bridging the Gap between farm and consumers Nationwide, we are active farmers of plantain and supply agents of processed Garri, Bush snail, red oil direct from Mill and sell in Lagos and Abuja Markets.

We harvest from our farms and purchase from  other farms around in meeting our weekly  demand of unripe plantain to Lagos and Abuja Major Markets once a week , we intend solving the challenges of plantain wastage and haulage challenges farmers experience daily  by establishing a plantain processing  factory 15 minutes away from our farm location ,in consideration of every 3 days  harvest of plantain from various farms around Owan West due to market day calendar which falls every 4 days  ,we are set and ready  to dominate the North Central ( Abuja ) and South West (Lagos ) and south south ( port harcout )markets of Nigeria by relying on our active farm of 18 hectares of plantain plantation and steady supply of unripe plantain and keeping in mind the  freshness, quality, competitive pricing and consistency. Our customer focus would be on all Nigerian consumers.



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